The Princess

To My Beloved Royalty...

These kinda "set up" strips aren't always the best, but they're necessary so....

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Guest post by "Melanie"
His eyes that strange level between stunned fear and about to cry from shell shock, nicely drawn

Submitted September 1 2014 at 12:14AM

Rachel P

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Guest post by "Rachel P"
"Marvin" Irma looks like she wants to say "This makes me very angry, very angry indeed!"

Submitted September 1 2014 at 5:15AM


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Guest post by "Rainey"
I love Chuck's trauma eyes in the 3rd panel. XD

Submitted September 1 2014 at 10:5PM


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Guest post by "Viagra"
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Submitted September 1 2014 at 11:50PM


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I just thought of something--doesn't Irma secretly have a crush on Chuck? I refer to this early strip:

I wouldn't want to see what she'd do if she hated the kid.

Submitted September 2 2014 at 12:59AM

Being Useful

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Guest post by "Being Useful"
Last panel is a great reaction image.

As to Irm+Chuck, the first strip of their new friendship set up the tone--she started her typical "destroy all the things" rant, and he surprised her by taking a step further, rather than reeling it back like Sarah does. So, because he joined in on the aggression, it became a runaway train. He failed to realize he is part of "all the things", and thus, would be "destroy"ed.

Irm never seems to have developed a sense of "enough", since Sarah held that role in their relationship, so without it, no matter what Irm feels for Chuck, he has no idea how to assert she's gone too far.

This should be interesting.

Submitted September 2 2014 at 1:45AM

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